April 2019 Mozilla Iris Report

About this Report

This is a report on the progress made in the Mozilla Iris project through April 2019.

Mozilla Iris is a new test framework developed by Mozilla’s Product Integrity group. Unlike other automated test frameworks, Iris aims to visually validate user interaction thereby freeing up manual testers from completing the mundane but very necessary tasks performed each and every product release.

Mozilla Iris running on MacOS

You can find out more by visiting the Mozilla Iris page on Github, dropping by the #qa-automation channel on Slack or by emailing us at iris@mozilla.com.

Project Stats

Iris 1.0 statistics for April 2019
Iris 2.0 statistics for April 2019

Key Accomplishments

  • Fixed 140 test case failures
  • Expanded coverage for Download Manager tests
  • Refactored Keyboard API and Testrail API binding for Iris 2
  • Gated Iris 2 support on Windows to Python 3.5.3 to address compatibility issues
By the NumbersChange
vs Mar
vs Nov
17 Contributors-29%+55%
310 Commits to master-4 %+142%
2,615 net new lines of code-82%-93%
312 issues resolved including:
135 tests, 33 bug fixes, and 1 enhancement

What’s Next

In May the Iris 2.0 team continues to focus on refactoring the code base to Python 3 while the Iris 1.0 team continues to focus on its goal to implement 600 tests by the end of June. Meanwhile, the Iris Deployment team continues to focus on its goal to deploy Iris 1.0 in to the Release QA Firefox Desktop Beta sign-off process (a visit to the offices in Romania is planned to sprint to the finish line).