December 2018 Mozilla Iris Report

About this Report

This is a report on the progress made in the Mozilla Iris project through December 2018.

Mozilla Iris is a new test framework developed by Mozilla’s Product Integrity group. Unlike other automated test frameworks, Iris aims to visually validate user interaction thereby freeing up manual testers from completing the mundane but very necessary tasks performed each and every product release.

Mozilla Iris running on MacOS

You can find out more by visiting the Mozilla Iris page on Github, dropping by the #qa-automation channel on Slack or by emailing us at

Project Stats

Iris 1.0 stats for December 2018
Iris 2.0 stats for December 2018

Key Accomplishments

  • Added support for reporting results to the Testrail testcase management system
  • Improved OCR support by moving to Tesseract 4
  • Began porting Iris code to Python 3
  • Began redesign of Control Centre thanks to Kristin Taylor, our Outreach Intern
  • By the numbers:
    • 21 authors contributed 359 commits, adding 30,2092 lines of code
    • 66 new Region and Screen methods added to the core framework
    • 31 test cases added, reaching 213 active testcases (+18% since November)
    • 13 test case and 23 core bugs fixed

What’s Next

In January we are full speed ahead for 2019! Iris 2.0 work continues, the control center will continue to be redesigned, and we expect to drive down overnight test failures to near 0. We are betting big on being able to automate all of the Firefox Beta manual tests by the end of the first half of this year, work on this begins this month.