November 2018 Mozilla Iris Report

About this Report

This is a report on the progress made in the Mozilla Iris project through November 2018.

Mozilla Iris is a new test framework developed by Mozilla’s Product Integrity group. Unlike other automated test frameworks, Iris aims to visually validate user interaction thereby freeing up manual testers from completing the mundane but very necessary tasks performed each and every product release.

Iris running on MacOS
Iris running on MacOS

You can find out more by visiting the Mozilla Iris page on Github, dropping by the #qa-automation channel on Slack or by emailing us at

Project Stats

Iris 1.0 Stats

Key Accomplishments

  • Iris 1.0 released with a repository of 180 test cases and growing
  • Iris 2.0 planning/prototyping began, including a port to Python 3
  • Welcomed Kristin Taylor, Outreachy Intern to redesign the Iris Control Centre
  • Began testing our first deployment with the Release QA team
  • Found and confirmed our first real-world Firefox bugs!
  • By the numbers:
    • 11 contributors
    • 188 new tests and 55 fixes to test cases landed
    • 89 enhancements and 10 fixes to the core framework landed

What’s Next

December is all about the Mozilla All Hands in Orlando, Florida. The team is busy getting ready to show off Iris to folks in attendance. Planning and prototyping for Iris 2.0 continues and Kristin will start on-boarding with the team.